Michael Jackson and his celebrity friends

Michael Jackson was loved by most and adored by many. Throughout his lifetime in the music industry, he acquired a long list of celebrity friends. Befriending a wide range of influential people, from Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, and Elizabeth Taylor to Whitney Houston and Eddie Murphy, Jackson was again, loved by many, including millions of fans […]

Nia Long dazzles and shines with new White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor

“White Diamonds” by Elizabeth Taylor is one of the best selling celebrity scents of all time. With more than a billion dollars in sales, this enduring fragrance continues to dazzle … much like the legendary actress who created it. Now, the iconic scent takes on a new sparkle with the introduction of White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth […]

Diamonds under $100 at Macy’s you need now

The desire to rock diamonds daily will never fade; so get yours, straight from a bottle with White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor ($68). This is the new way to wear diamonds. It’s feminine, glamorous and boasts iconic florals, with notes of narcissus, orange flower, jasmine and orris with bergamot, mandarin, juicy pear, raspberry and sandalwood. Gift White Diamond Lustre […]

Michael Jackson named top earning ‘dead’ celebrity

Just weeks after Forbes released its list of the 100 top-earning celebrities with Madonna sitting pretty at the #1 spot, banking $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013, they released a list of the top earning ‘dead’ celebrities. At the top of the list, is Michael Jackson, the King of pop, who even after […]

The best cast biopic movies ever

There is a lot of debate surrounding who would be the best choice to play the late, great Whitney Houston in her biopic. Playing a true talent and being able to personify the role to perfection is a gift. In the best reenacted performances of all time, actors and actresses performed so perfectly, that we […]

The Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Ever

Weddings are often the most special times in the participants’ lives. It’s one of the few times where regular citizens feel it’s time to ball out with pomp and circumstance. And if you are a celebrity, businessinsider.com, says they take the concept to another level. The following, says forbes.com, are the most expensive weddings ever […]

Celebrities Who Divorced the Most

Some people in Hollywood really, really believe in the phrase “I do,” because they keep saying it over and over and over again. And this was particularly true for the late Elizabeth Taylor. Despite breathtaking beauty, worldwide adulation and riches beyond imagination, she couldn’t quite get the marriage thing down pat. And neither could the […]

Michael Jackson’s 50 Most Memorable Moments (Photos)

Michael Jackson’s 50 Most Memorable Moments (Photos) The King of Pop earned his title on merit and his fans won’t argue against it. Three years after his saddening death, we honor Michael Jackson with these photos of his most memorable moments.