Celebrities Who Divorced the Most

Celebrities Who Divorced the Most

Some people in Hollywood really, really believe in the phrase “I do,” because they keep saying it over and over and over again. And this was particularly true for the late Elizabeth Taylor. Despite breathtaking beauty, worldwide adulation and riches beyond imagination, she couldn’t quite get the marriage thing down pat. And neither could the rest of the folks on this list.

Below are the big-name celebrities who divorced the most.

Celebrities Who Divorced the Most10. Liza Minelli
This Academy Award-winning actress and singer has been divorced four times, most recently from David Gest in 2003. While marriage has certainly been no cabaret for her, we do love how she belts out New York, New York. We wonder if she’ll take a page from her mother Judy Garland’s book and keep looking for love somewhere over the rainbow — hey, if she can find it there, she might just find it anywhere!

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