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‘Entourage’ creator Doug Ellin masterminds product placement and brand integration in new movie

GM's Cadillac Ciel makes debut in Entourage movie

GM’s Cadillac Ciel makes its debut in Entourage.  Photo: via Warner Bros 

Entourage creator Doug Ellin has come a long way from daydreaming about being a stand up comic to taking on the set film jobs which led to him becoming a script writer. Never could he have imagined Entourage would be his calling card after becoming an ABC script writer and launching two other not so successful projects. In his latest Entourage film project, Ellin ensured future success by building brand relationships with companies big enough to fund select projects. He managed to make the brands look natural within the film.

Of course, the highly anticipated movie featuring big-name cameos from Pharrell, Mike Tyson, Russell Wilson (Ciara’s new boo), Warren Buffett and a host of refreshing A list faces would be the perfect place to integrate brands including Gatorade, Apple, Ferrari, Johnnie Walker Red and Tequila Avion. Also with large box office ticket names like BillyBob Thornton appearing, I’d imagine Cadillac didn’t fret about debuting its 4 door luxury concept car Ciel design (prototype of the car was used in the movie that reportedly didn’t go faster than 30mph) that was decided by GM in 2012 it would not be released. One could easily see how Cadillac’s redesigned Escalade SUV, it’s ELR plug-in hybrid, and the Ciel all landed roles in the $30 million Warner Bros. film. Good job Doug Ellin!

After winning an Emmy Award for producing a segment of ESPN’s documentary series 30 for 30 Doug Ellin is also on his way to direct the sequel to 2003’s Bad Santa. Hopefully, great box-office numbers from Entourage the movie will quickly push these projects along.

Johnny "Drama" Chase imagined himself as the new spokesperson for Johnnie Walker

Johnny “Drama” Chase imagined himself as the new spokesperson for Johnnie Walker / Photo: Warner Bros