Why it’s healthy for men to journal

Males are taught from childhood that not showing their emotions is a sign of strength. Being vulnerable is one of the toughest tasks for men, which can lead to us concealing our feelings. So, when we’re going through something in our lives, what are we supposed to do? Since we may have not been taught […]

Sevyn Streeter returns with a musical masterpiece

It’s been a minute since we heard from Sevyn Streeter. In 2016 shehe was charting her own path and had firmly emerged from the shadows of the girl groups — TG4 and Rich Girl — which initially called her to the attention of the masses (as Se7en). The drama revolving around the episode at Philadelphia’s […]

Lizzo opens up about emotional vulnerability

Lizzo believes it’s “important” to show “emotional vulnerability.” The 31-year-old singer revealed on social media last week that she was feeling “sad as f—” and “depressed” and has now said her decision to be honest about her emotions is specific to people of color. She said: “Honestly, I just feel like it’s important for Black […]

Fight club: Getting to the other side of conflict

It would be great if conflict resolution was a mandatory class offered in high school or college. I’m sure many of us would have sat in the front of the class working diligently to get an A. Instead, we wandered into the world with a limited knowledge of how to deal with the challenges that […]