‘Love and Hip Hop’ exclusive: The risky business of being Joe Budden

Photography: DeWayne Rogers Wardrobe Styling: Linday Hillyard It’s a cold New York City morning at Manhattan’s Auction House, and hip-hop star-turned-reality star Joe Budden is in a talkative mood. He’s had a busy few weeks; the new season of “Love & Hip Hop” has premiered, beaming the Jersey-born emcee into America’s living rooms weekly, and […]

20 Sexiest Rap Video Vixens of All Time

Rap videos are a platform of celebrity status for other aspiring acts, beyond the star rapper and his crew. Music video directors can make a name for themselves by presenting creative visuals that coincide with the music. And video vixens can become household names by being chosen as the featured girl in the video. While […]

Top 20 Video Vixens

Video Vixens are sexy confident women who can tantalize any male using the gifts God has blessed her with. These women are some of the most beautiful, full figured women around. Here are the top 20 video vixens around today:

Joe Budden Reacts to Video Vixen’s Abuse Accusations

It was reported on May 10 that video vixen Esther Baxter had accused rapper Joe Budden of abusing her throughout their tumultuous relationship and that he’d caused the miscarriage of their unborn daughter. Now, Budden is addressing Baxter’s accusation, claiming that the video vixen’s allegations are nothing but lies. In a phone interview with Hot […]

Joe Budden Accused of Domestic Violence by Video Vixen

Last week, rapper Joe Budden released the song “Ordinary Love S—Part. 3,” which candidly details his dysfunctional relationship and breakup with video vixen Esther Baxter and his subsequent arrest. Now, Baxter is sharing her side of the story concerning their rocky relationship, alleging that Budden was abusive and caused the miscarriage of their unborn daughter. […]