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Esther Baxter denies taking Bow Wow’s virginity: ‘Lil homie actually said that?’

Bow Wow, in a continued effort to prove that he is officially the lamest/most immature B-list celebrity on the planet, told radio host Sway and the rest of the “Sway In the Morning” crew that he lost his virginity at age 16 to video vixen Esther Baxter.

“I lost my virginity at 16 to a girl who I knew I couldn’t turn down–I couldn’t turn down,” he claimed. When he was asked if she was a celebrity, he momentarily hesitated before going deeper into his little anecdote. “Is she famous, maybe it’s a lot of dudes, she’s one of them SMOOTH [magazine] models.”

“I don’t care, she know its the truth, I ain’t gotta lie,” he finally said. “First name start with a ‘E,’ last name start with a ‘B.'”

Of course, once Ms. Baxter got wind of Bow Wow’s claims, she addressed him and the story via Twitter.

And she let him have it for claiming that she let him “have” it.

“Losing ur virginity to EB at 16…damn..that’s a ballerific fantasy bro,” she tweeted. “Couldn’t think of anyone else huh!? It’s cool I know times are hard right now but u should’ve at least let me know so we could BOTH benefit.

“If he focused THIS hard on taking care of his daughter instead of trying 2get props from lying then another n—- wouldn’t have 2 play daddy,” she added.

Shots FIRED.

“N—- really shot for the stars with that one!!!” she continued.

“First…you people believe the SILLIEST s—!!!!! Lmao! I thought this s— was a joke…but Lil homie ACTUALLY said that s—!” she added. “Do I REALLY have to respond to this s—t?!” she added.

Proof positive that a man can be a media whore.