Chris Brown Denies Slamming Frank Ocean’s Sexuality, Shows Support

It’s no secret that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean aren’t particularly fond of each other, but Brown recently found himself in the middle of another controversy with the Channel Orange singer when it was rumored that he allegedly criticized Ocean’s sexuality in an interview. Brown recently shared his side of the story and denied ever […]

Odd Future Discusses Frank Ocean’s True Love

It’s been weeks since rising music superstar Frank Ocean revealed that he’s bisexual. But in the wake of his landmark revelation, stars have either come to his defense and praised him, or slammed the Channel Orange singer for his unabashed confession. But when it finally came time for his Odd Future brethren to address the […]

Frank Ocean Finally Explains His Coming Out Letter

To say that Frank Ocean’s life has changed in the blink of an eye would be incorrect. Ocean was already on the verge of superstardom, but on Independence Day, Ocean revealed to the world via a touching and poetic letter that his first love was a man. And despite concern that his sexual revelation would […]

Beyoncé Praises Frank Ocean for Coming Out

It’s been nearly a week since genre-bending newcomer Frank Ocean rocked the world of music with his decision to reveal that he once fell in love with man. Since then, a bevy of Ocean’s music peers and fans, both new and old alike have rallied behind the singer to show their support. Now, one of […]

Frank Ocean Talks ‘Gloriously Painful Love Life,’ Surprise Collabo

Frank Ocean is officially the man of the hour, and thanks to his recent Tumblr post, in which he revealed that his first love was a man, all eyes and ears are on the Odd Future crooner as fans wait with baited breath for his first public appearance since the news of his sexuality surfaced.  […]

Frank Ocean ‘Comes Out’ as Bisexual in Tumblr Post

In an amazing move that could only be described as an Independence Day miracle, rising artist Frank Ocean has officially liberated himself  and come out as a bisexual. A few days ago, rumors began swirling that Ocean was gay after a journalist, Max, claimed that lyrics she heard at a listening party for Ocean’s debut […]