Chris Tucker reveals why he fell back from ‘Friday’ movie franchise (video)

Ice Cube struck gold in 1995 with his Hollywood hit Friday that starred comedian Chris Tucker, as the two went throughout their tumultuous day getting high off marijuana and escaping the drama of the streets. While several continuations of the franchise have been successful, with Mike Epps stepping into the co-starring role, fans for years […]

Ice Cube and Warner Bros. fight over ‘Friday’ franchise

Ice Cube‘s Friday series is in the middle of a tug-of-war between the rapper and Warner Bros. studios. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ice Cube wants Warner Bros. to relinquish the rights to the Friday series as well as All About The Benjamins and The Players Club and has accused the studio of delaying […]

Actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister’s cause of death confirmed

Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who starred in Hollywood movies including Friday and The Fifth Element, died from heart disease, his autopsy confirmed. The actor passed away in December 2020 at 62, and although tests showed he had coronavirus at the time of his death, a post-mortem examination determined his cause of death to hypertensive and atherosclerotic […]

Ice Cube files lawsuit against stock trading company Robinhood

Ice Cube is fired up once again and this time he’s aimed his beam at stock trading platform Robinhood. The rapper turned Hollywood movie star and Black political advocate, filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday, March 31, accusing Robinhood of damaging his reputation by using his image to promote its products without his consent. The […]