Detroit students get opportunity of lifetime to meet billionaire Warren Buffett

“Kids are like Kodak film; they need exposure and development,” said Gail Perry-Mason, founder of Money Matters 4 Youth Financial Literacy Camp located in Detroit. Perry-Mason, a financial expert, best-selling author and financial coach is the brainchild behind spearheading an educational field trip for approximately 25 Detroit students to Omaha, Nebraska to meet billionaire Warren […]

Report advises Black female entrepreneurs how to eliminate shared challenges

african american woman entrepreneur

Black women-owned businesses continue to expand the world of entrepreneurship. Their presence has risen by over 67 percent since 2007 and shows no sign of faltering. There are more businesses owned by Black women than Black men. Yet, Black female entrepreneurs continue to face challenges that threaten their right to thrive. Walker’s Legacy, a global […]

Operation Push and Chevrolet drive financial literacy home

Chevrolet and The Rainbow Push Coalition hosted a series of Money Matters Financial Empowerment workshops in Chicago recently. The workshops were designed to provide information that will increase financial literacy awareness, leverage financial literacy to increase good lending practices within the minority community and help African Americans “find new roads” and build a brand affinity […]

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH, Chevrolet educate Atlanta’s youth on Money Matters

According to an Experian survey (July 2015), the average credit score of millennials is 625. Today, while most millennials were gearing up for Halloween parties, Rainbow PUSH was able to captivate hundreds of Atlanta youth to participate in a life-changing and -impacting free Money Matters series, sponsored by Chevrolet. As part of the 16th Annual […]

Learn How to Build Wealth, Manage Money and Credit With Wells Fargo and Financial Experts

On Saturday, July 21 at 9:00 a.m. EST (and 9:00 a.m. CST), One Solution (Radio One, TV One, Interactive One) will air a Wells Fargo sponsored hour-long roundtable discussion titled “Aspirations: Helping You Empower Your Financial Future”, featuring acclaimed financial experts Michelle Singletary (author, TV personality and Washington Post columnist), Gail Perry Mason (financial coach […]