Lizzo loves her Blackness and thinks she ‘deserves the spotlight’

The “Juice” hitmaker confessed to being worthy of the “attention” she had garnered throughout her career as she has earned it. The 33-year-old rapper told PEOPLE: “I deserve the spotlight. I deserve the attention. I’m talented, I’m young, I’m hot, you know? And I’ve worked hard.” Lizzo — real name Melissa Jefferson — believed she had to “blaze […]

Lizzo shares unedited nude selfie to inspire young people (photo)

Lizzo has posted an unedited nude snap in a bid to change “the conversation about beauty standards.” The “Truth Hurts” hitmaker has joined Dove as a brand ambassador for “The Selfie Talk” campaign and shared the naked selfie to inspire her millions of followers to embrace their natural beauty. She captioned the picture on Instagram: […]

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