Why Muhammad Ali remains the greatest 1 year after his death

On this date in 2016, the greatest of all-time left this world in the physical form. Muhammad Ali passed at the age of 74, but his contributions as an athlete, activist, father, and husband will live forever. During his Janazah (Muslim funeral) and memorial in Louisville, Kentucky, rolling out got an opportunity to pay homage to […]

Jay-Z says he has ‘4 classics’: Ranking Hov’s albums from worst to best

Jay-Z took the time to share his perspective on Jay-Z this weekend. Just before he and Justin Timberlake took the stage at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, Jay spoke to journalist Elliott Wilson about the “Legends of the Summer” Tour and his latest Magna Carta Holy Grail album. During the interview, Jay talked about his discography and where his latest album sits in the pantheon of Jay-Z albums.

Are you experienced? The 25 greatest classic rock albums

The classic rock era represents what many fans (specifically Baby Boomers) consider the peak of rock music’s artistic ambition and commercial clout. Rock artists were breaking new ground constantly, from the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the late 60s to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin in the mid-70s.

The 25 greatest East Coast hip-hop albums of the 1990s

Some hip-hop fans complain about the relative lack of East Coast-based hip-hop superstars these days. The charts are dominated by rappers who hail from virtually everywhere else in the continental United States and even Canada–but over the last ten years, there have been few big names coming out of New York City

From Beyoncé to Badu: The 20 greatest female recording artists since 1993

For much of the second half of the 20th century, the artists that most dominated popular music tended to be men. From Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley to The Beatles to Michael Jackson, more often than not, the title of “biggest pop star in the world” tended to be handed to male superstars. That all […]

So So Def’s 20 greatest songs

With So So Def Recordings celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary in Atlanta on February 23rd, its the perfect time to look back on the label’s legacy.

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