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Why Muhammad Ali remains the greatest 1 year after his death


Photo: A.R. Shaw

On this date in 2016, the greatest of all-time left this world in the physical form. Muhammad Ali passed at the age of 74, but his contributions as an athlete, activist, father, and husband will live forever.

During his Janazah (Muslim funeral) and memorial in Louisville, Kentucky, rolling out got an opportunity to pay homage to Ali along with thousands of others who were in attendance.

To honor Ali’s legacy, we look back at that moment and share why Ali will always be the greatest.



The strength of Ali’s family

On the day of Muhammad Ali’s Janazah,  Ali’s family members stood strong. They all held their heads high and often smiled as kind words were being said about the late-great Ali. It was a testament of Ali who often gave the world inspirational words and remained strong during the darkest periods.


The memories of Ali’s childhood home 

We captured the essence of Muhammad Ali’s childhood home which is located in the West End section of Louisville. A memorial was set up outside of the home as hundreds stopped by to pay tribute. The home has since become a museum and tells the story of Ali’s childhood with photos, paintings and a documentary.



The memorial at the Muhammad Ali Center 

The memorial outside of the Muhammad Ali Center featured a large tribute to Ali as flowers, photos, and paintings were in view for his visitors to pay respect.


The Olympic torch 

The Olympic torch is featured in the museum inside of the Muhammad Ali Center. During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Ali lit the torch in a moment proved that he was the greatest of all-time and touched lives around the world.


The poetry of Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali often wrote poetry. Inside of the museum, several of Ali’s poems and short essays were featured. He was always a true storyteller.


The hip-hop influence 

Muhammad Ali may be the greatest influence of hip-hop. His impromptu rhymes were a form of rap freestyle decades before rap became prominent. Inspired by Ali, rapper Lupe Fiasco attended Ali’s memorial.


The inspirational words 

Ali was known to inspire through words and actions. He became a champion because he trained like a champion inside and outside of the boxing ring.


The thousands who attended 

Over 30,000 people paid tribute to Ali at his Janaza and memorial service. His Janaza was the largest Muslim ceremony on American soil.


The notable faces who paid their respect 

Prominent figures from around the world paid tribute to Ali. Valerie Jarrett, Louis Farrakhan, Will Smith, Mike Tyson, President Clinton, Billy Crystal, Jesse Jackson, Bernard Hopkins, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and King Abdullah II of Jordan were all in attendance.


The overall lesson

Muhammad Ali once said that he was “bigger than boxing.” It was a true statement that reveals how he allowed himself to be greater than expectations. He was more than an athlete, he was a leader, humanitarian, and a father. There is always room to destroy limitations