Indiana University fires tweeting ‘night nurse’ for insulting White women

Taiyesha Baker is an Indiana University nurse, who became infamous after allegedly posting a series of tweets under the Twitter handle: Night Nurse (@tai_fieri). It’s unknown at this time if Baker had a brain freeze or if she was standing in her truth when she tweeted, “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when […]

Actor J Lee talks artistry and new Fox series ‘The Orville’

J Lee has spent the last 12 years navigating Seth McFarlane’s world, from being a receptionist for the “Family Guy” show to starring in McFarlane’s latest project, “The Orville.” Since taking a leap of faith and moving to Los Angeles with $200 in his pocket, the St. Louis native and accomplished pianist has lent his talents […]

Researchers reveal average penis size of American men is 5.6 inches

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has released the numbers from its new study on the average size of the American male penis. The men used in the study measured their penis size anonymously to researchers by measuring during a full erection. The research team included Indiana University scientists who believe the men used in the study […]

TV Watching Lowers Kids’ Self-Esteem, Indiana University Study States

As we suspected, spending large chunks of time in front of the television has a detrimental mental effect on all children except white males, a new university research states. Indiana University found that TV watching alters and lowers a child’s self esteem. Black boys and white girls have a tendency to feel worse about themselves […]