Racist pastor in Florida arrested for attempting to burn 3,000 Qurans

Pastor Terry Jones attempted to make a statement that would’ve served as a sign of disrespect to Muslims around the world. According to the Associated Press, Marvin Sapp, assistant pastor, organized an event on Facebook that would center on the burning of 2,998 Qurans. The protest and burning was to take place on Sept. 11 […]

5 health and spiritual benefits of Ramadan

For 30 days, Muslims will fast from sunup until sundown, reflect and do charitable work for Ramadan. Participating in Ramadan can also be beneficial for individuals who don’t practice the religion. Here are several reasons to consider fasting during Ramadan. –amir shaw Weight Loss: For those experiencing weight issues, fasting for 30 days will help […]

Hip-hop and Ramadan: Rappers who practice Islam

The Islamic Holy Month, Ramadan will begin this month and more than 1 billion Muslims will fast from sun up until sundown. When it comes to hip-hop, Islam has had a profound affect on the music genre throughout the years. In honor of Ramadan, rolling out magazine has compiled a list of the most influential Muslim rappers […]

10 most popular Muslim celebrities in America

With the arrest of suspect Dhokhar Tsarnaev and the death of his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Islamaphobia continues to rise within America. Unlike home grown terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bombing) and Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Killings), the Boston Marathon bombers have caused many uniformed Americans to take aim at religion instead of taking […]

TV commentator Erik Rush blames Muslims for Boston Marathon bombings

While the nation is still reeling from the tragic Boston Marathon bombings that happened on Monday, many are looking for someone to blame for the incident. And though charges have yet to be brought  against any suspects, New York-based columnist and TV commentator Erik Rush recently claimed that Muslims are the culprits. Just hours after […]

Top 10 Chicago churches and mosques

Trinity United Church of Christ Mosque Maryam: National Center for Nation of Isalm Saint Sabina Church Masjid Al-Faatir House of Hope Mosque Foundation Metropolitan Community Church Masjid Al-Islam Life Center Church of God  Downtown Islamic Center

Prince Says Women Are Happy Wearing Burqas

Prince is no stranger to controversy. Having made a name for himself with his provocative songs and videos of the ’80s and ’90s, the venerable star clearly knows how to provoke both outrage and praise. And now the “Purple Rain” icon is, once again, turning heads with his latest commentary on Islamic culture, saying women […]

Manning Marable’s Book on Malcolm X Much Deeper Than Any Other

Prior to his death, Dr. Manning Marable was able to complete his classic tractate on the life and politics of Malcolm X. Unlike the accepted Autobiography of Malcolm X, written by Alex Haley, which spends almost half of its commentary discussing his childhood and scant criminal past and reads more like literary fiction than a […]

Muslim Leaders Kicked Off Plane by Pilot; Naked Hatred Not the Answer

In the aftermath of the assassination of terrorist Osama bin Laden, two Muslim religious leaders were kicked off a commercial airliner by the pilot without explanation. This saga drips with irony because the Islamic leaders, were about to take off from Memphis, Tenn., to attend an anti-hate conference in Charlotte, N.C. This also sets a dangerous […]