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Lupe Fiasco discusses the expansion of Islam


Lupe Fiasco has always been very vocal about his religious beliefs, and the Islamic rapper from Chicago held a Twitter Q-and-A with fans and shared his perspective on the Muslim faith and the exchanges got very interesting, to say the least.

When Lupe’s Twitter follower, @Aubi_chon asked Fiasco and others if Islam could possibly become the world’s dominant religion, the rapper responded with a succinct “yes.” He was then asked about gender equality and the role of women in Islam.

“Depends,” Lupe responded. “Where are women equal anywhere, though? Depends on the women. Is secular America more advanced morally than say Saudi Arabia?”

“Biblically speaking which country, the USA or Saudi Arabia is more in sin?” Lupe asked user @MrExcalibur1000, to which the user responded: “Saudi Arabia.”

“Good night folks … thanx for coming out,” Lupe replied.

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