Jeremy Lin highlights irony in Ivy League students with racist mentality

Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin became one of the NBA’s most popular players in 2012 after he averaged 20.9 points and 8.4 assists per game in a 13-game stretch as an unsung hero for the New York Knicks. His jersey was the top seller over Kobe Bryant for a good amount of the 2012 season and […]

NBA players who attended Ivy League schools

Ivy League universities are viewed as the most prestigious schools among the best schools worldwide. Most students at these universities strive to do well in the classroom, so playing a sport such as basketball falls to the bottom of a long list of priorities. Still, there are some student athletes who attend these schools and excel both […]

The smartest NBA players

Sports pundits sometimes talk about how some players like a LeBron James or a Kobe Bryant have a high basketball IQ. But some players have displayed high intelligence on and off the court, whether in academics or in business or politics or all of the above. There are several players that just make the rest of […]

NBA players who are Christians

The average basketball fan probably views the NBA as a cesspool of debauchery and iniquity. But there are many players who believe in God and are unabashed in practicing their faith.

All-NBA multiracial team

Today’s NBA is a rainbow of colors and races that light up the hardwood floors. It was only a generation or two ago when there were really only two ethnicities playing in the NBA — black and white. And famously, or rather infamously, before that, it was a totally homogenous league where every other race […]

Juwan Howard, Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin and More at 2012 ESPYs: Nas, Drake Perform

Juwan Howard, Blake Griffin, and Jeremy Lin were among the sports stars honored at the 2012 ESPY Awards. The 2012 ESPY Awards honored sports players and teams with outstanding achievements this year.  Among the stars present were athletes such as Matt Kemp, Brittney Griner, Tim Tebow, Vernon Davis, and Patrick Willis.  To top off the wonderful […]

Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin at NBA TV’s Social Media Awards; Was LeBron Snubbed?

 The NBA Social Media Awards, recognizing some of the best moments which resonated with fans and sparked the most social engagement this past season, were hosted by Rick Fox (@RickaFox) and TNT and NBA TV analyst Shaquille O’Neal (@SHAQ) with SLAM magazine’s Lang Whitaker (@langwhitaker), and contributions from The Basketball Jones’ JE Skeets (@jeskeets) and […]

NBA’s Top 10 Summer 2012 Free Agents

This summer’s free agent crop boasts tons of talent, including two-time NBA MVP winner Steve Nash.  Check out the leagues top restricted and unrestricted players and their new possible destinations.  These free agents, depending on where they land, will definitely change the landscape of the NBA next season.

New York Knicks Eliminated From NBA Playoffs, Again; 4 Intriguing Questions

The New York Knicks are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA. However, the team that resides in the “world’s greatest city” has yet to win a championship since 1972. In that time frame, the NBA’s other two prominent franchises — the Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers — have combined for 16 championships. […]

Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and Tiger Woods: How Social Media Is Changing Sports

Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and Tiger Woods are just a few of the beneficiaries of social media. Tebow and Lin got their big break and blew up overnight, while Woods was able to regain some of his fans. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, sports news now reaches the public faster than […]

Amar’e Stoudemire Sidelined, Again

Amar’e Stoudemire, all-star forward for the New York Knicks, is outof play  indefinitely with a problematic disc in his back. It appears that the Knicks can’t go a full week without some sort of bad news rummaging through the press. New York announced before yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks that Stoudemire won’t be suiting up anytime soon. He […]