Camille Cosby’s legal victory in sexual abuse scandal

Camille Cosby is being forced to reveal intimate knowledge regarding her marriage to embattled comedian Bill Cosby. Seven women in a Massachusetts civil case subpoenaed Cosby for a deposition under oath. It is believed that the plaintiffs in the case plan also to release the responses from Camille Cosby which could cause embarrassment. In a […]

A&E to air special on Bill Cosby accusers

Cable network A&E will soon give an outlet to the dozens of women who have stepped forward to accuse disgraced comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault and misconduct. The upcoming one-hour special, titled “Cosby: The Women Speak,” was announced by the network on Sept. 14 and will feature interviews with more than a dozen of Cosby’s accusers, […]

Bill Cosby revelation: Reactions and commentary

It was revealed to the public that Bill Cosby, acclaimed comedian and American icon, admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. Rolling Out News caught up with a few people to share their thoughts on the news as well as the ramification on society from this fallout. [jwplatform […]

What White moms need to teach their daughters that Black moms always have

Three shows and four public sexual assault allegations later, this writer can no longer be silent about the Bill Cosby rape scandal. TV Land has announced they are pulling “Cosby” reruns from its lineup. For more than 25 years, Black families have revered this man who brought us “The Cosby Show,” which in September celebrated its 30th anniversary […]