Independence Day for some: 7 Black political prisoners held since the 1970s

As the nation celebrated Independence Day, there are those who ironically fought for everyone to have complete independence from oppression in America who remain imprisoned since the 1970s or longer. According to the Office of Justice Reforms within the U.S. Department of Justice (, a political prisoner is defined as “one who is detained for […]

Taraji P. Henson wants to leave America

Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson has had it up to here with the fighting and marching and chanting and making up new hashtags in the interminable quest for justice in America. And now the former “Empire” star wants out. “I’m really considering getting up out of here, leaving and living in another country,” Henson retorted […]

How the next March on Washington impacts freedom, equality and justice for all

For at least two centuries, Aug. 28 has been associated with freedom and expansion of democratic ideals and principles. The British Slavery Abolition Act received Royal Assent on Aug. 28, 1833, freeing more than 800,000 enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and South Africa as well as a small number in Canada. Ten suffragists were arrested […]

Racist rant caught on video, community shows up outside man’s home

Racist rant caught on video, community shows up outside man's home III

After going on a racist onslaught, a man gives out his home address and says, “Come f—ing see me.” Now, police guard his door. According to ABC 6, the man is 45-year-old Edward Cagney Mathews. Reportedly, he’s facing harassment and biased intimidation charges due to this incident. On July 2, Mathews was seen on video […]

Woman who falsely accused Black teen of stealing phone facing charges

Miya Ponsetto - Falsely accused Black teen of stealing phone - now charged with hate crime

22-year-old Miya Ponsetto has now been charged with hate crimes, after pleading “not guilty” on June 30 during her virtual arraignment over charges that stemmed from an incident in a New York hotel. Ponsetto, 22, falsely accused a 14-year-old Black teenager — Keyon Harrold Jr. — of stealing her phone while inside of Arlo Soho […]

Is $75M enough for 31 years of 2 Black lives taken?

jail cell

Two half brothers were awarded $75 million by a jury after being wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl in 1983. Henry McCollum and Leon Brown spent 31 years in prison. The eight-person jury in Raleigh, North Carolina, decided Henry McCollum and Leon Brown should received $31 million each in compensatory […]

J. Wyndal Gordon, the ‘Warrior Lawyer,’ visits AM Wake-Up Call

J. Wyndal Gordon, aka the “Warrior Lawyer,” is a respected trial attorney and solo practitioner who represents individuals and small businesses in litigation matters throughout the state of Maryland and D.C. federal courts. Gordon stays grounded by participating and lending his support to various local, regional, and national nonprofit organizations. He stopped by AM Wake-Up […]

2 officers officially terminated for roles in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting

Two detectives involved in the heavily publicized shooting of Breonna Taylor have been terminated for their respective roles in the fatal incident, according to the USA Today. Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes both received their pre-termination letters one week ago. The letters, which were prepared by interim Chief Yvette Gentry, outlined the findings against […]

Missouri Rep-elect Cori Bush angry she was confused with Breonna Taylor (video)

Missouri Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush was disheartened by the fact that some of her colleagues confused her with murdered EMT worker Breonna Taylor during orientation. Bush, a Democrat, said she was “hurt” during introductory meetings for newly elected representatives on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, after she chose to wear a mask with the words “Breonna Taylor” […]

Black woman tongue-lashes Kansas City police commissioners

Keiajah Gabbrell stands as one of the most recognized millennial activists in Kansas City. On Oct. 27, Gabbrell attended a public meeting for the Board of Police Commissioners, where she took the opportunity to call out several people on the board, all of whom she accused of racist behavior. The video of the meeting eventually […]

Kansas man indicted after threatening the life of Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has been under the gun lately and as of Thursday, Oct. 1, his life was allegedly threatened by a total stranger. The culprit, Wesley Forrest Clay, 29, called a line dedicated to the case surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor and issued a harsh warning. “You will die if you […]

British racing champion Lewis Hamilton investigated for Breonna Taylor shirt

Lewis Hamilton, a Black British race car driver and six-time Formula One world champion, is under investigation after sporting a Breonna Taylor T-shirt during his latest racing event. Lewis, 35, made a statement to show his support after Taylor was killed even though he is from the United Kingdom and Taylor lived in the United […]

Jacob Blake’s father gives powerful speech at March on Washington anniversary

Jacob Blake Sr. gave a resounding speech at the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington. On Aug. 28, thousands celebrated in Washington, D.C. to remember the 1963 march where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech. This year’s march was called “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” to […]

President Barack Obama eulogizes Congressman John Lewis (watch live)

Civil rights icon and U.S. Congressman John Lewis, is being celebrated on July 30, 2020, at Ebenezer Baptist  Church in Atlanta. Dignitaries in attendance include former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Obama will eulogize Lewis. On Friday, July […]

WNBA stars walk off during national anthem in support of Breonna Taylor (video)

Conservatives didn’t have to worry about WNBA players kneeling during the national anthem. They weren’t even on the court. The WNBA made a powerful statement in support of Breonna Taylor to open the season when both teams, filled with Black and White players and other nationalities, walked back to the locker room as the national […]

Trey Songz debuts powerful new song, ‘How Many Times,’ about police brutality

Trey Songz has written an emotional new record that speaks to the current climate in Black America. The song, titled “How Many Times,” was debuted on the famous DJ D-Nice’s Wednesday evening Instagram live mix on June 3, 2020, playing the song 14 minutes and 34 seconds into the 50-minute livestream. Songz opens the track […]

Man who served 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit dies of COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to have an impact in prisons across the nation. One inmate who has died from COVID-19 was reportedly in jail for a crime he did not commit. On April 14, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project reported that Rudolph Sutton, 67, was the first prisoner in Pennsylvania to die after contracting the coronavirus. An inmate […]