Keyshia Cole responds to husband Daniel Gibson’s strip club outing

There’s nothing odd anymore about a married man going to the strip club. And, if you live in one of the epicenters of strip clubs, like say, Atlanta, the couple will often go together. But it’s quite another thing for the man, as Daniel “Boobie” Gibson did, to post videos from inside the strip club. […]

Keyshia Cole provides more hints of marital strife with Daniel Gibson

Fiery R&B singer Keyshia Cole Gibson seems to enjoy keeping the media guessing at what she’s feeling and thinking, particularly as it pertains to her marriage to free agent NBA sharpshooter Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. Whether subconscious or intentional, Cole frequently “obfuscates” — the act of intentionally muddying the waters or confusing the situation with subliminal […]

Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Snoop Dogg and other celebrity Libras

Happy Birthday, Libras. According to zodiac connoisseurs, Libras, who are born between the dates of Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 are “The Balanced Ones” and arguably the most beloved. “Libras are tactful, fair and charming to the core,” states “They are attractive people and their calm, easy-going demeanour is sure to attract a lot […]

Famous celebrities that Twitter users love to hate

When it comes to social media, some celebrites cannot help but tripping over the letters of the alphabet — some literally — and fail to restrain instantaneous emotions that incite them to go off on Twitter rants that incur the wrath of cyberspace, time and time again. With Ciara, Draya Michele and Gucci Mane all […]

Keyshia Cole’s husband, Daniel Gibson, arrested for assault and battery

Keyshia Cole‘s husband is in trouble with the law. Professional basketball player Daniel Gibson was arrested in New Orleans on Monday, July 29, for assault and battery, TMZ reports. Gibson, who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, turned himself in to the New Orleans Police Department on Monday. “Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in […]

Celebrities we simply stopped caring about

There comes a time when the gimmicks and/or the marginal skill level wears thin on the public and the 15 minutes of fame come to a screeching halt. For others, it’s the manufactured beefs, the hating and the constant mental brain belches of which pop culture watchers grow weary and wary and simply want it […]

Keyshia Cole answers The Dream’s diss of her and loyalty to Beyoncé

Keyshia Cole is engaged in her weekly Twitter beef, this time getting entangled in a dramatic exchange with The Dream, who spoke to DJ Envy of New York’s famed “The Breakfast Club” to announce that he refuses to work with Cole until her squabbles with Beyonce is squashed. This is a sampling of what The […]

Kelly Rowland slams Keyshia Cole for criticizing Michelle Williams

Keyshia Cole needs to keep Michelle Williams’ name out of her mouth, lest she face the wrath of Kelly Rowland and the rest of Destiny’s Child nation. Rowland was candid in an interview with Rolling Stone as she talked about her new album, Kisses Down Low, including the suggestive single “Dirty Laundry.” When the subject of […]

Twitter reacts to Keyshia Cole-Daniel Gibson social media feud

R&B singer Keyshia Cole has not had a good beginning to 2013. First, she found out that her sister, Neffi, has written a tell-all book about their extremely dysfunctional family. She ignited a Twitter beef with former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams that backfired on her — even her own followers peeled her backside for […]

Keyshia Cole insulted at requests to open show for The Weeknd

Keyshia Cole has returned back to the spotlight with her fifth studio album, Woman to Woman, which stood out among many of the hip-hop and R&B albums released in 2012.  Though Cole was asked to perform at KMEL’s House of Soul concert in her hometown of Oakland, Calif., she was requested to open for new R&B crooner The […]

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