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Keyshia Cole provides more hints of marital strife with Daniel Gibson

KeyshiaColeandDanielGibsonUpsetAboutNeffeBookPriceIPaidFiery R&B singer Keyshia Cole Gibson seems to enjoy keeping the media guessing at what she’s feeling and thinking, particularly as it pertains to her marriage to free agent NBA sharpshooter Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Whether subconscious or intentional, Cole frequently “obfuscates” — the act of intentionally muddying the waters or confusing the situation with subliminal social media messages, like the ones she dropped the past couple of days on Twitter and Instagram.

It would appear that the “Heaven Sent” singer is posting hints that the well-publicized marital strife has worsened and then criticizes people for making a connection to her postings and photos with the reported volatile situation with her husband.

But take a look for yourself and see what you think. keyshia boobie4

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