Otto Warmbier’s family snubs Dennis Rodman; he says he aided with release

Dennis Rodman is building his humanitarian credibility, one trip to North Korea at a time. He made the announcement on ABC’s “Good Morning America” after his return from his five-day visit. Rodman arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea the same day Pyongyang released Otto Warmbier, 22, the American college student who was released from prison last week […]

Dennis Rodman on North Korea: ‘Obama can’t do [expletive]’

Former NBA star and tattoo enthusiast Dennis Rodman is using his strange friendship with Kim Jong Un to somewhat act as a diplomat for the US because President Obama hasn’t reached out to North Korea’s young dictator. Rodman once pointed out that both leaders loved basketball and shared that common ground, and it seems that […]

Kim Jong-Un threatens to bomb 4 US cities, Americans make jokes on Twitter

Following the deployment of US B-2s to South Korea, North Korean President Kim Jong-un ordered his military to be on alert for a strike against the US. As thousands of North Koreans turned out for a mass rally on Friday at the main square in Pyongyang in support of their leader’s call to action, photos emerged […]

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