Happy birthday Karrine Steffans; her sexiest photos on social media

Happy 36th birthday Karrine Steffans! The author, actress and model and exotic dancer (formerly known as ‘Superhead’) is best known for her best-selling tell-all Vixen book series. Growing up in poverty, Steffans worked as an exotic dancer in her teens. She had a physically abusive relationship with rapper Nathaniel Wilson (Kool G Rap), the father of […]

‘Illmatic’ turns 20; how Nas ignited a new generation of MCs

It was 20 years ago today that Nas released his seminal debut album, Illlmatic. It wasn’t the huge crossover hit that, say, The Chronic or Doggystyle had been in the previous years. And it didn’t quite re-ignite the East Coast’s hardcore aesthetic, either; acts like Redman, Onyx, Das EFX, Black Moon had started doing that as early as 1992. But what Illmatic did was introduce the world to a thoughtful and gifted rhyme-writer from the Queensbridge Projects, and in doing so, it returned the traditional New York City emcee to hip-hop prominence.

Rick Ross, Nas and other hip-hop artists named after Mafia figures

Ever wonder where some of these hip-hop stars get their names? Without marketing these Mafia figures, it’s possible these stars wouldn’t have the fan base they have now. On his latest release, Jay-Z name checks a notorious Washington, D.C. hitman, Wayne Perry, on his “Tom Ford” single (Magna Carta Holy Grail); but other artists actually adopt […]

Karrine Steffans says her bond with Lil Wayne is ‘spiritual’

Karrine Steffans has bedded a number of the entertainment industry’s biggest men and she’s written all about it in her famous Confessions of a Video Vixen book series. But while most of those men were just, well, tricks of the trade, there’s one man she’s never been able to cast away, and that man is […]

Deion and Pilar Sanders Not Unique: 7 Other Abusive Couples

Deion Sanders and his estranged wife were splashed all over the headlines this week after Pilar and a friend reportedly jumped Deion in front of their kids. Though Pilar reportedly kicked, bit and scratched Deion, a mug shot of the alleged attacker showed that she had a noticeably swollen lip. Sadly, they aren’t the only […]

Terrence Howard and Estranged Wife Trade Blows? 6 Abusive Celebrity Relationships

Actor Terrence Howard and his estranged wife, Michelle Howard, have had a rocky relationship both behind closed doors and in the tabloids. But things have apparently gotten out of control as Michelle recently filed a temporary restraining order against Howard, claiming he’s beaten her on a number of occasions. According to The Hollywood Reporter, on […]