Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Unveils Real Truth Behind Video Vixen Tell-All Book; Kool G Rap Responds

Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Unveils Real Truth Behind Video Vixen Tell-All Book; Kool G Rap Responds

In 2005 when Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans released Confessions of a Video Vixen, she had the hip-hop community in a frenzy and even somewhat under her control as she “revealed” some of the most shocking information about many high profile rappers and R& B singers with whom she was previously romantically involved with and worked with as a video model. While she was despised by her former peers, the book went on to make The New York Times best seller list. However the underwear-clad author has revealed in a video clip promoting her new book ‘Satisfaction,’ that after all this time her claims were actually fabricated.

In the video she says, “I’m a writer. I write s—. The ‘Vixen’ doesn’t exist but you can’t tell people that, because they don’t believe that. It was all fabricated,” Superhead revealed. “I want to be anonymous,” she continued. “Authors are supposed to be anonymous. We’re not supposed to be on TV. We’re not supposed to be doing any of those things. We’re supposed be sitting down, getting drunk, smoking opiates, writing some amazing s—. That’s what we all do … That’s what makes us different than everybody else.”

Legendary MC Kool G Rap , the father of her son and one of the most targeted artists in her book, has responded to Ms. Karrine’s confession, stating that he never felt the need to defend himself from her allegations — including claims of physical and sexual abuse — because “he found strength in his knowledge of his innocence.”

In response to her video and fabricated book, Kool G Rap says to AllHipHop.com, “In her first book, she mixed lies with truth. And captured an audience that wasn’t able to decipher what was true from what was false. If I feel I’m not guilty of anything, I’m not going to vigorously defend myself, I know what it is. It seemed like her story was a story and that’s it. It’s always two sides to a story. It’s her story, my side of the story and the truth. And I would consider my story more closer to the truth. I’m not trying to put out a book. If I did put out a book, it wouldn’t have anything to do with any of that.” Wow, she did all of that lying just to have a top-selling book? New York Times best-seller or not, it still does not change the fact that the girl is screwed up in the head … smart girl … but definitely screwed up in her brain.

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