Lizzo claims she and friends were ‘kicked out’ of vacation property

Lizzo claims she was “kicked out” of a vacation property three days early. The “Truth Hurts” hitmaker slammed the unnamed landlord for threatening to call police on her and her friends while they soaked up the sun at an unidentified destination. She shared a video of herself twerking on Instagram and wrote: “This is for […]

Blac Chyna ordered to pay former landlord thousands in unpaid rent and damages

Blac Chyna has reportedly been ordered to pay her former landlord $72,000. The 31-year-old model will have to fork out the lump sum to Michael Kremerman because she didn’t bother to respond to the lawsuit after he sued her last year for unpaid rent and damages to the property he leased to her, according to Kremerman […]

Eviction at gunpoint law pending in Chicago

Life is about to get rougher in the inner city of Chicago, a city whose high poverty and gun violence death are at an all time high. Rep. Monique D. Davis, D-Chicago, has put forward House Bill 5395 that will privatize the eviction process.  Through privatization, for profit companies or contractors would now be able […]