Racist governor wants John Lewis to thank Republicans for ending slavery

Another Republican has taken a shot at civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis. Maine Gov. Paul LePage thinks Lewis should thank White Republicans for ending slavery. During an interview with WVON in Maine following Donald Trump’s feud with Lewis, LePage said, “It was Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves. It was Rutherford B. Hayes and […]

Find out if TSA will ban your driver’s license and deny air travel

If you don’t have a passport, now would be the perfect time to obtain one. Starting Jan. 22, 2018, travelers with driver’s licenses issued by one of nine states will no longer be considered valid, according to the Transportation Security Administration. This law will prevent residents of Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Carolina, […]

Zumba instructor Alexis Wright makes a plea

Zumba instructor Alexis Wright, 30, pleads guilty to 20 counts in the prostitution scandal that rocked a quiet seaside town in Maine. She plead guilty for engaging in prostitution, promotion of prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion and theft by deception. Wright and insurance agent Mark Strong, 57, operated the prostitution business which grossed $150,000 in 18 […]

Congress introduces bill to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol

It appears as if the writing is on the wall to once again legalize marijuana on the federal level. The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 and made the possession of cannabis illegal after it had been legal since the founding of America.  Like the Volstead Act or as it was called, the National Prohibition Act of […]

Notorious Madams, Pimps and Prostitutes: Big Pimpin’, Big Profit

Zumba dance instructor Alexis Wright’s indecorum has rocked Kennebuck, Maine, to its core. Authorities have charged Wright, 29, with engaging in sexual relations with at least 150 johns, single and married, in the New England town. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the population was only 10,798. Funny! Prostitution is an old, tax-free trade and […]

Redistricting and the Electoral College: 2 Reasons Obama May Lose in 2012

Around the media world and blogosphere, I incessantly see articles suggesting how Barack Obama has assured a victory in the 2012 presidential election after his decision to go into Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden. Now, I, too, wrote a piece some weeks ago asserting six reasons why he had the inside road to winning […]