Barbie unveils Maya Angelou doll

As Black History month approaches, Mattel has unveiled Maya Angelou as the newest member of its Inspiring Women Collection. Angelou is only the 10th woman in the role model line of Barbies that includes Rosa Parks, Ella Fitzgerald and Florence Nightingale. The Maya Angelou doll holds a miniature replica of her prolific autobiography, “I Know […]

Barbie gains weight and becomes ethnically ambiguous so girls don’t feel “Unpretty”

Barbie (cropped)

Barbie was always the symbol of perfection. Like most little girls growing up in the late ’70s and ’80s, I had every Barbie I could get my hands on. After a while I stopped playing with them and began collecting them. Initially, Barbie was exclusively Caucasian with blonde hair, later Mattel created an African American version complete with the […]

‘Rolling out’s’ ultimate holiday gift guide for women

We have a list of the ultimate holiday gift items for that special woman! From the hottest fragrances to that must have purse or scarf, we got you covered! Hurry time is running out and we want you to have that special gift for you or someone you love! Check out our list below

Angela and Vanessa Simmons Launch ‘Pastry’s So In Style’ Barbie Collection

On May 19, Angela and Vanessa Simmons held their launch party for Pastry’s So In Style Barbie Collection held in Beverly Hills, Calif., at the SLS Hotel. The new collection of dolls are pimped out in Pastry tennis shoes and cute fashionable ensembles. Angela and Vanessa also launched their new shoe line. Being a Barbie […]

Barbie and Bratz Catfight Ends; Mattel Win Overturned, Must Pay $88 Million

You guys know the hugely popular Bratz doll that was all the craze and the number 4 toy for girls in 2001? Mattel, the maker of Barbie, put its dukes up against MGA Entertainment Inc., maker of Bratz. Mattel felt a certain kind of way when the creator of the Bratz dolls, Carter Bryant, created […]