College basketball star Deja Kelly set to teach kids life and business skills

Deja Kelly is one of the most popular athletes in college sports. UNC’s star guard has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, and thanks to the Name, Image and Likeness bill, she’s able to cash in on some of her notoriety. She has partnered with Forever 21 and Sports Illustrated for the Summer Capsule Campaign to […]

Shelly Omilâdè Bell explains why it’s important to invest in Black women

Rolling out spoke to serial entrepreneur Shelly Omilâdè Bell, a computer scientist and founder of The Black Girl Ventures Foundation, as part of our Tech Talk series. Do you consider yourself a tech founder? I just consider myself a dope, driven, profile-growing CEO who cares a lot about storytelling. Everything about me comes at the intersection […]

White quarterback says he doesn’t think it’s his job to mentor Black draft pick

Mentorship is key to success in any field in life. It’s a spiritual and practical theory that humans need other humans to survive and thrive> Whether up close or from afar positive human relationships are critical in all walks of life, especially for young people looking for guidance early in their journeys. But Tennessee Titans […]

Mentorship and masterminds for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a key moment in time to reflect on and celebrate the triumphs of women across the world. Women have come a long way, baby, as that Virginia Slims tagline used to tell us. But there is still so much more to be done for the advancement of womankind. Since I am […]

Entrepreneur Dionna Collins is helping artists grow through ComfiArt

Art encompasses every facet of our lives and artists are needed to drive the culture forward. Despite its importance, many artists struggle with creating viable businesses using their creativity. Dionna Collins understood this and created ComfiArt, a business incubator and mentorship program, that helps artists no matter where they are in their creative journey. The […]

Musiq Soulchild teaches kids importance of persistence at ‘Musiq Room’ opening

NAACP Image Award-winner Musiq Soulchild opened his first “Musiq Room” to Utopian Academy for the Arts on March 10, in partnership with the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The artist plans to open more music rooms around the country, with the next one being in Baltimore, Utopian Academy’s founder Artesius Miller told rolling out.

Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew announce internship for young music creators

Ray and Vivian Chew announce the Power 2 Inspire Foundation summer internship/mentorship program for young music creators Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew are pleased to announce its four-week Power 2 Inspire Foundation 2021 Summer Internship/Mentorship program for gifted musicians, ambitious singers, songwriters. Power 2 Inspire is dedicated to creating a pipeline between upcoming music […]

DJ Damage starts Legendary Media Group to help next generation of entertainers

Abdul Muhammad, also known as “DJ Damage,” is a nationally syndicated DJ, host, and entrepreneur. The Philadelphia native recently starred in the BET docuseries, “Arm-Chair A&R.” He currently co-hosts the “Hollywood Unlocked (Uncensored)” podcast alongside Jason Lee. With his 10 years of experience and success in the industry, he is now focusing on helping the […]

Girls of Excellence Inc. celebrates its mentors for National Mentor Month

Girls of Excellence, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides support and mentoring services for girls ages 8-18  and grades three to 12. It was formed by now executive director and CEO Toya Russell-Phillips. GOE’s founding board members include Lena Sherman (vice president), Kathyrn Jones (second vice president), Leah Labitue (board secretary), Victoria Wiley, Lerae […]

Corporate dropout Charlene Sanders becomes an entrepreneur

Charlene L. Sanders is a lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY. As a self-professed former corporate misfit, now proud corporate dropout, she has become obsessed with understanding “the meaning of work.” This has led her to creating a community of mentors or safe space for aspiring and emerging entrepreneur leaders to learn, grow, […]

Glenda Gill continues to spark change as she starts Save a Girl, Save a World

Glenda Gill, a former automotive industry leader and proven change agent, has a very impressive and accomplished resume. The former executive director of Rainbow PUSH Citizenship Education Fund Global Automotive Project has made vast strides in the auto industry including being lead negotiator in brokering the benchmark deal to initiate diversity at Toyota by solidifying […]

Win $15K and a mentorship with producer Don Cannon

Craft Syndicate by Dutch Masters wants to give a mentorship opportunity and a $15K grant to aspiring music producers. Craft Syndicate returns celebrating its second year and is searching for innovators with an unwavering commitment to making their dream a reality. Craft Syndicate looks to share the craft by pairing an aspiring music producer with […]

Kendrick Lamar talks meeting with President Obama

Over the last week or so, social media has went wild with chatter and feedback after pictures surfaced of a cornrowed Kendrick Lamar visiting President Obama at the White House. The pair met back in October when the Grammy-nominated rapper was in Washington D.C. for a performance at the Kennedy Center. Lamar spoke about the […]

Arrested Development’s Eshe encourages women to get mammograms, talks artist development

Talented singer-songwriter Eshe has been dominating the music industry since the early ’90s. You may recognize her from the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group Arrested Development. Their conscious lyrical storytelling left a lasting impression on the music industry. Since leaving the group to pursue a solo career, Eshe has been working in artist development and management […]

Lucinda Cross talks annual Activate Conference, professional development for women

As a best-selling author and founder of the popular Activate Your Life Today brand, a leadership firm that provides personal and professional development programs, Lucinda Cross juggles countless responsibilities. Whether it’s heading business seminars and workshops or traveling internationally for speaking engagements, Cross is always on the move. Cross is gearing up for the third annual Activate […]