Playwright takes audiences through time and space in ‘When MARS Meets VENUS’

Chicago playwright Messiah Equiano, the multitalented actor and director of the acclaimed stage play The Penis Monologues is excited and thrilled to present his latest work, When MARS Meets VENUS. Equiano’s story follows the lives of MARShall Jones and VENUS Hicks as they navigate their lives together and the questions it brings once you unite […]

Messiah Equiano’s Penis Monologues presents ‘Man Law’

Premiering July 24, 2016, Man Law is sure to be a gripping, ground-breaking and inspirational stage play that addresses: why shootings involving police officers and civilians occur, what each person involved may be thinking at the time of the shooting, and what are some solutions that can be implemented. The production also examines how violence has become seemingly “normal” in America and how the violence affects our families and communities.

Messiah Equiano’s new play ‘Man Law’ opens dialogue on police brutality

Messiah Equiano, the playwright who brought Chicago, The Penis Monologues, brings his new play Man Law to the DuSable Museum.  Ripped straight out of the headlines from newspapers across the United States, Man Law examines the toll racism and stereotyping have on communities — both Black and White. How does the play address the circumstances presently going […]

Messiah Equiano’s ‘The Penis Monologues’

Saturday night’s second performance of The Penis Monologues at Chicago’s DuSable Museum was filled with audience members wondering what the hoopla about the penis could be all about. Much to our delight and wonderment, an answer came. The Penis Monologues is a timely response to the popular stage play The Vagina Monologues. Both plays dissect […]