‘Rolling out’ salutes Army veteran and social justice leader Wendy McClinton

Honoree: Wendy Charece McClinton Why we salute her: One would be hard-pressed to find a soul more dedicated to improving the lives of Black veterans. Having served in the United States Army for more than a decade, Wendy Charece McClinton now serves as the president and CEO of Black Veterans for Social Justice Inc. and is […]

Military vet Asheya Dixon turns passion for beauty into a thriving business

Military and beauty are two words that usually don’t go together but for Asheya Dixon, they do. A nine-year vet, wife, and mother of two, Dixon used her military discipline and determined mindset to become a millionaire by 35 with her e-commerce business, BRWN Beauty. Rolling out talked with Dixon about how adversity motivated her […]

Jerry Rice takes the fade route as military vet Jim Wright defends Kaepernick

Hall of Fame San Francisco 49er receiver Jerry Rice invoked the three magically-dismissive words Black Lives Matter activists have grown accustomed to hearing in his passive-aggressive take on Colin Kaepernick’s recent controversial stance. “All lives matter. So much going on in this world today. Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect your stance […]

Military veterans surprised with mortgage-free homes

Operation Homefront teamed up with United Rentals and Wells Fargo What a way to kick off Homeownership Month. Military veterans Army Sergeant Mike Vanscoy, Army Specialist Chris White, Army Specialist Joe Wallace, Marine Corps Sergeant Corey Bowen and Army Sergeant Ricardo Bailey and their families received the surprise of a lifetime at Stone Mountain Park in metro Atlanta on Saturday, […]