Most cheated on celebrity women of all time

Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to NBA baller Lamar Odom has reportedly plunged to the brink of divorce due to his serial philandering and his infamous drug binges with groupies and junkies. Kardashian’s humiliation has been amplified tenfold because of the almost daily news of Odom getting busy with a plethora of jump-offs all throughout Southern California. […]

The 10 most infamous celebrity mistresses

Why be a girlfriend when you could be a side chick? Sounds backwards right? Well, despite their dirty dog ways, mistresses will always be relevant. In a culture where people crave scandalous, women like Marilyn Monroe, “Olivia Pope” and Alicia Keys are celebrated. Love them or hate them, celebrity mistresses will always have a place […]

Celebrity wives humiliated in public by their husbands

When a famous husband has a major transgression or faux pas, the repercussions are almost always amplified significantly because of his place in society and pop culture watchers’ unbridled lust for celebrity scandal. The ones who are often buried beneath the rubble of humiliation and scorn are the unwitting wives who almost never receive advance […]

Judy Smith:The real-life woman portrayed by Kerry Washington on ‘Scandal’

Judy Smith is among the most powerful black women in Washington, D.C. but you’ve probably never even heard of her.  Judy is a power player on a very high level – who comes in at the most heated times of a client’s catastrophe.  She is, by all accounts, a crisis management professional to be reckoned […]

Superhead’s new book about sex with Lil Wayne: Best celebrity tell-all books

Just when you thought it was safe, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans comes out with another kiss-and-tell book about having sex with Lil Wayne. Actually, she wrote the book about her six-year relationship and the weird kinship she feels for the diminutive rapping superstar with multiple baby’s mamas. Since her last two books floundered following the phenomenal […]

The most scandalous celebrity affairs

When celebrities are caught red handed, it is heard around the world. Held in such high esteem, it’s sometimes hard to believe that our idols could do any wrong. But alas, celebrities are human, and they do make mistakes. Click to continue for celebrities who brought the saying “what is done in the dark always […]

‘Scandal’ Creator Judy Smith Is Powerful in D.C. and Hollywood

‘Scandal’ Premieres on ABC Ever since she started working for daddy Bush’s White House and even for the U.S. Attorney’s office when former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was first convicted in the ’90s, crisis management expert Judy Smith has been making power moves. The founder and CEO of Smith & Co. emerged from behind the […]

Crisis Management Expert Judy Smith Gets Celebrities Out of Sticky Situations, Writes Book

From Michael Vick to Monica Lewinsky, Judy Smith, a D.C.-based crisis management expert has brought her unique combination of communication skills, media savvy, legal and political acumen to clients facing a host of issues and career-defining challenges. The founder and president of Smith and Company, a leading strategic and crisis communications firm with offices in […]