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Celebrity wives humiliated in public by their husbands

stupid, vanessa bryant

When a famous husband has a major transgression or faux pas, the repercussions are almost always amplified significantly because of his place in society and pop culture watchers’ unbridled lust for celebrity scandal.

The ones who are often buried beneath the rubble of humiliation and scorn are the unwitting wives who almost never receive advance warning of the impending interfamilial funnel cloud baring down on them. How some of them are able to muster up the gumption to even show up next to their husbands at the press conference after some of these scandals are beyond me.

But many of them are left looking stupid and inadequate in public when their husbands take a detour from the marriage and crash into the wall of imprudence and infidelity.

Take a look at the celebrity wives who are made to look stupid in public by their husbands.

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