Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Monalisa

Our good friend and world renowned mixologist DJ Monalisa returns to Turntable Tuesdays to tell us about five of her current favorite albums. Check out Monalisa on mixcloud or mixcrate; hit her up on her Facebook fan page, and find her on Twitter and Instagram at @monalisa7872 Check out her picks after the jump. – tj armour / […]

Cashmere Agency and Reed’s Inc. want you to ‘Get Cultured’

Jay Z’s announcement on Dec. 3 that he and Queen Bey were ditching processed foods for a plant-based diet for 22 days took the world by storm. To the world, it was a bold statement and a wake-up call to the urban community that two of their very own were embarking on a journey to […]

Andrew Bynum’s mushroom perm and other wacky celebrity hairdos

We all applaud celebs for pushing the boundaries with their style and hair, but Philadelphia 76ers star Andrew Bynum seems to be having quite the hair crisis as of late. The new Philly star has been experimenting with different hairdos for weeks now, but none of them prepared fans for the style he presented when […]

Prince and Other Men With Crazy Hairdos

Enigmatic music icon Prince made a rare TV appearance on Sept. 17 when he was interviewed by the ladies of “The View.” And though the simple act of giving an interview was enough to get the people talking, all anyone seemed to talk about was Prince’s rather surprising new hairdo. For years, Prince has been […]

Murs Reunites 3MG for a 1-Night Performance

To kick off the series Through the Mic, 3MG is reuniting on May 17 for their first performance together in more than five years. 3MG’s Murs, Eligh and Scarub met as students at Los Angeles’s Hamilton High School and released Gypsy’s Luck before joining forces with The Mystik Journeymen and The Grouch to form The Living Legends. 3MG […]

Indie Rapper Fat Tony Discusses Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg, Education and Family

Houston native Fat Tony is known to serve indie music fans infectiously entertaining music with tracks for the creative and quirky hip-hop head. His unique style and humorous lyrics have garnered him several underground artist awards. Fat Tony recently released his debut album, RABDARGAB. The album’s title is a reference to an initiative launched by […]