Ex-NFL star and Rhodes scholar Dr. Myron Rolle now treating COVID-19 victims

Myron Rolle continues to marvel his colleagues and contemporaries with his remarkable life and career. Rolle, now a surgeon, is a former defensive standout at Florida State University who graduated and became a Rhodes scholar at the University of Oxford. Following his stay at the world-renowned college in England, Rolle was drafted in the 6th […]

5 black intellectuals in the NFL and NBA

There are often stigmas associated with being a great athlete. Athletes who work hard on the field are often unfairly portrayed as the “dumb jock.” However, there are several athletes who achieved in sports while proving to be superior in the classroom. We have compiled a list of 5 black intellectuals in the NFL and […]

Myron Rolle leaves the NFL for medical school

Who gives up a million dollar job as an NFL player for medical school? Myron Rolle The former Rhodes Scholar who played for Florida State University, moved on to play in the NFL. He gave  up the NFL career to pursue a medical degree. He will begin classes in a few months. Rolle wasn’t a star in […]

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