How Tyra Banks plans to fight ‘oppression’ in the fashion and beauty industries

Tyra Banks has vowed to fight the “oppression” of the fashion and beauty industry. The 46-year-old supermodel called out some of the criticism she’s received for her appearance over the years in a candid video but admitted she’s realized that her beauty isn’t “defined” by anyone else. In a video titled “The UpriXing Begins” to promote her […]

‘The Book of Negroes’ mini-series to premiere on BET

[jwplatform nm2Ctuf2] The next major project that features the slavery theme is the upcoming mini-series “The Book of Negroes” on BET. This series features Academy Award-winning actors Louis Gossett and Cuba Gooding Jr. as well as introducing a new crop of black actors and actresses. The series is scheduled to debut this February on the network […]

Black oppression and slavery popular and profitable in entertainment

Apparently, chains and oppression are the “it” thing in the entertainment business. The critically acclaimed and widely successful film 12 Years a Slave showed that the oppression of Blacks in America is a subject that is no longer taboo, in fact, it can make money. The movie has grossed more than $187 million at the box office, with […]

We can't breathe vs. I can't breathe

We all have to know that Eric Garner did not die in vain but there are others who are dying from the same pain through economic circumstances who were killed by the fact that their dreams have been diminished. The phrase “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry of protesters because of a public murder that […]

Police dash-cam video catches pistol-whipping cop in action

What is it with the police these days? Once again, a police department has released footage of an officer behaving badly. This time the city is Dallas, Texas, and the officer involved is Rene Villanueva The deputy was working an off duty job when Ambrosio Monsavais, bumped anther off duty officer  with his car. What […]