Apple cider vinegar and other foods that help burn fat

There is a variety of foods that are said to contain compounds and nutrients that will keep your metabolism fired up and constantly keep the fat burning even after you are done with your workout. Apple cider vinegar and hot peppers are the most common foods to have this effect but there are others that […]

Health plan: Best ways to boost metabolism

With age the metabolism gradually decreases making it harder and harder to lose and maintain a healthy weight level. While exercise is the best way to keep that metabolism revved up there are also a few other factors to take into consideration as well.  From the foods we eat to getting enough sleep, the metabolism […]

Simple ways to speed up your metabolism

Metabolism is the process in which the body breaks down food to produce energy.  With age, the metabolism starts to slow down about 5 percent every decade, making weight loss very challenging. However, there are a few tricks to rev up that metabolism and shed those unwanted pounds. Check out these tips on boosting your metabolism.

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