Michelle Obama explains why she supports Black Lives Matter (video)

Former First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by “CBS This Morning” on Friday, May 7, and spoke with Gayle King about why she supports the Black Lives Matter movement and what made her speak out after the Derek Chauvin conviction. “The goal is to let leaders lead. But in certain times, people … look to us […]

Adrian Brandon examines police brutality, Black lives lost and more in artwork

Adrian Brandon is a Seattle-raised, Brooklyn-based visual artist who is using his creativity to capture attention, raise awareness and get people thinking. He is driven to make art that creates an understanding of Black culture, Black love and Black pain so that we can move forward together. Rolling out spoke with Brandon about his powerful […]

Atlanta deejay Beestroh talks police violence and gun control

Beestroh is one of the new radio personalities at Streetz 94.5 and a gun control advocate. The deejay, who’s on during afternoon drives, was shot by the police about two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. He was almost killed and not surprisingly it took a toll on him physically, mentally and spiritually. […]