Candace Owens calls climate change protests ‘Whitest extracurricular activity’

Candace Owens has never been shy about her opinion and has now weighed in on the United Nations’ climate change report, which was released on Aug. 9. Part of the report warned of “a code red for humanity” and activists have already started protesting and putting plans together to help hold corporations and businesses responsible. […]

Dr. Julianne Malveaux on environmental racism and toxic neglect

Historically, this country has turned a blind eye to the many environmental injustices that plague communities of color. Terms like climate change and environmental racism weren’t even a part of the American lexicon until recently. Back in the day, we lived in homes with lead paint and it was nothing to see old tires dumped […]

Environmental disaster as Flint, Michigan poisoned by water supply

The city of Flint, MI is facing an unprecedented issue and an environmental catastrophe. For the past two years, the residents have been drinking water that has been so toxic it has 900 times the EPA limit for lead particles and has caused serious medical issues. The situation has become so critical that the State […]

Nasty water: Coal chemical pollutes West Virginia water

West Virginia is still thirsty. The West Virginia water crisis began on January 9, 2014 when a coal chemical company leaked a clear, licorice-smelling chemical into the water of the Elk River. This chemical polluted the water in over two thirds of the state causing one of the biggest environmental disasters in US history. Water […]