Raul Midón is ‘Bad A– and Blind,’ shatters myths and misconceptions

Singer, songwriter and multi-Instrumentalist Raul Midón is having a whirlwind romance with his fans. On a global tour that takes him from Atlanta to Amsterdam, he continues to shatter creative boundaries in the music world. This decade-long affair with music lovers is reminiscent of the passion shown by other world class giants like the late […]

Raul Midon talks persistence and culture

Raul Midon is an accomplished musician and natural born performer. Listening to his music gives you an opportunity to dwell inside of the mind of a genius. His expression is musical and his dexterity is mind blowing. We spoke with Midon about his music, his upcoming project Bad Ass and Blind and his artistry. I just watched […]

Raul Midon talks Monterey Jazz Fest and upcoming new album

Raul Midon

Often referred to as a one-man band, musician Raul Midon has been wowing audiences across the world since his 1999 debut album, Gracias a la vida. The 49-year-old native of Embudo, New Mexico, is one of the most versatile artist in music today with his ability to play a number of different genres including blues, […]