Chadwick Boseman’s final post breaks Twitter’s all-time record

Disney d23 Expo

Superstar actor Chadwick Boseman’s shocking and premature transition on Friday, Aug. 28, 2020, sent multiple shock waves throughout American pop culture, which led to people clamoring en masse to read his final social media post. Twitter announced late Saturday afternoon that the final tweet, made on the Black Panther star’s behalf, is now the most […]

Beyoncé and ‘The Lion King’ rule at the box office

Despite lukewarm reviews of The Lion King reboot, the animated film roared to a record-breaking debut at the North American box office. The film, which features the voices of Beyoncé and Donald Glover, stormed out the gate with an estimated $185 million in North America over the weekend and finished with a 10-day worldwide total […]

On fire: Cardi B stars in this hot Super Bowl commercial (video)

There are several important indicators to let you know irrefutably that you’ve made it in the music business — and Cardi B has checked off every one. 1. Hit songs? Check 2. Award nominations and wins? Check 3. Performances at major award shows? Check. 4. Invites to late-night talk shows? Check. 5. Frequently the hot […]