Rudy Giuliani says he saved more Black lives than Beyoncé, calls her shameful

Rudy Giuliani continues to attack Beyoncé for taking a stand against police brutality. During her performance at the VMAs, Beyoncé implemented dance and art to protest against the police killing Black people. It was a more subtle approach than her tribute to the Black Panthers during the Super Bowl, but it was still a vivid reminder […]

Rudy Giuliani to Black America: ‘Teach your children to be respectful’

While you were in church, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton went on the road taking Black America to task about this so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement. Of course, they used misleading statistics and racist rhetoric to do it. Still, to those Whites looking for cover, […]

5 reasons protesters are targeting Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s “Formation” song is still getting under people’s skin. Her decision to perform the single at the Super Bowl 50 is currently the subject of many debates and even protests. Politicians, journalists, and even law enforcement have spoken out against her performance, and the attacks keep coming. Several pro-law enforcement groups and individuals have used […]

Rudy Giuliani blasts Beyoncé for being pro-Black during Super Bowl

Beyoncé pulled off one of the more memorable Super Bowl halftime performances in recent history. However, some have questioned her performance for being too pro-Black. During a segment on Fox News, former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani said that he was offended by the performance of “Formation.” “I think it was outrageous. I don’t know […]