Murder suspect left damning selfies at crime scene

A suspect in the home invasion and murder of a man in Decatur, Georgia near Atlanta left damning evidence at the scene of the crime. Police arrested Desuan Subar in September after a long SWAT standoff in connection to a robbery and murder that occurred in January 2016. Subar is one of two gunman accused […]

Did selfies cause deadly Denver plane crash?

(Photo credit: KCNC-TV) According to federal investigators, the likely cause of a small plane crash that killed two people near Denver last year was selfies. Twenty-nine-year-old Amritpal Singh and an unidentified passenger were killed in the May 2014 crash shortly after taking off from Front Range Airport in Adams County, Colorado. Recovery crews found the […]

Sexy celebrity selfies on Instagram

You can’t fault your favorite celebrity for taking so many selfies. After sitting in hair and makeup for hours, then having the world analyze everything you wear, you would want to capture the moment when you look your best. There are only a few guys who joined the celebrity selfie gang on Instagram, but the […]

Top celebrity selfies this week on Instagram

  Celebrity selfes aren’t just for the red carpet and crazy moments with celebrity friends. Professional selfie takers know how to focus on small details that make a photo ten times better than expected. Nicki Minaj put to rest plastic surgery rumors with her latest selfie with minimum makeup. Kelly Rowland and Marlo Hampton focused […]

Rihanna’s sexiest Instagram selfies

  Rihanna is ready to claim the title of “Queen of the Instagram Selfie” for various reasons other than her sex appeal. Being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Rihanna takes her self-photography skills around the world and back, always giving her followers and fans an extraordinary scenery across International borders. She’s […]

Distributing nude photos of an ex-partner can lead to 6 months in jail

Distributing a nude picture of an ex-partner can lead to a $1,000 fine and six months of jail time in California. According to a report by, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed an anti-revenge porn bill making it illegal for individuals to distribute, sale or publish nude images of an ex-partner without their permission. However, […]

The celebrity selfie; is it really art?

I’ve been fortunate to make a pretty nice living as a full-time photographer. And while a large part of my success has dealt with the instinctual way that I capture an image, I’m keenly aware that I would be lost without a very real understanding of the technical side of photography. So in those moments […]

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