The changing of the Black father image on TV

The 1970’s was the start of the positive on-screen portrayals of Black fathers.  It was a time when television studios attempted to deal with the changing Black socio-economic issues and its effects on mass media.  Broadcast networks NBC, CBS and ABC had to find a way to feature positive Black family values with an African […]

James Gandolfini and other shocking Hollywood deaths

Hollywood, tragically, lost one of its acting greats yesterday with the news that “Sopranos” actor, James Gandolfini passed away while on vacation in Italy. Initial reports claim that the 51-year-old actor died of a heart attack while enjoying his Italian vacation with his teenage son. Our condolences go out to the Gandolfini’s family, friends and […]

Fontella Bass dead at 72

Soul music took another tragic hit Wednesday night, Dec. 26, when soul icon Fontella Bass passed away at the age of 72. According to The New York Times, Bass died at a St. Louis hospice from complications after a recent heart attack, said her daughter, Neuka Mitchell. Bass also suffered several strokes over the past […]

Was ‘Dolemite’ actor Rudy Ray Moore gay?

In the ’70s, few other actors were more popular in the blaxploitation films than Rudy Ray Moore, who played the iconic role of Dolemite in the film of the same name. And while many know the actor as nothing more than the badass action hero pimp, a new documentary is revealing little known details about […]

Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried!

(CNN) — Sherman Hemsley’s body lies in an El Paso, Texas, funeral home refrigerator more than a month after his death while a court decides who gets the actor’s remains. A Philadelphia man claiming to be the “Jeffersons” actor’s brother is challenging a will Hemsley signed a month before his death, according to the funeral […]

Sherman Hemsley’s Cause of Death Revealed

Last month, comedy fans across the globe were heartbroken when Sherman Hemsley, the star of the iconic show “The Jeffersons,” passed away at 74. After being laid to rest, a coroner’s report has now revealed the true cause of Hemsley’s death. According to TMZ, the El Paso County Texas Medical Examiner has determined that Hemsley […]

Full Force Confirms a Sequel to the ‘House Party’ Film Series

Harlem Arts Alliance Presents:  On the “A” w/Souleo Harlem and Philadelphia have several things in common: a sense of style, great food and an appreciation of arts and culture. The latter was on display at Philadelphia’s free Global Fusion Festival concert where Brandy, Kenny Lattimore, Luke James and Elle Varner entertained the crowd on Penn’s […]

Nicki Minaj, Russell Simmons and Other Stars Mourn Sherman Hemsley

Joy and laughter turned to silence and cries yesterday, July 24, when fans across the globe learned that beloved TV sitcom star George Hemsley had passed away at the age of 74. For years, Hemsley wowed fans while playing the seminal role of George Jefferson, first alongside Archie Bunker in “All in the Family,” and […]

Remembering Sherman Hemsley

Let’s take a moment to remember Sherman Hemsley.  He died today at his El Paso home. He initially became famous for playing his role Jefferson on “All in the Family,” which sparked the spin off  hit series “The Jeffersons.” He played in “Sister Sister” and in “Fresh Prince” as well as a host of other […]

Sherman Hemsley Dead at 74

Sherman Hemsley, the beloved actor who played the bombastic, wise-cracking, pimp-walking George Jefferson that made “The Jeffersons” an iconic TV sitcom in the 1970s, died in El Paso, Texas, today. He was 74. Hemsley, who later starred in another hit comedy show, “Amen,” was discovered by his nurse who thought the actor was sleeping. When […]