Gunmen kill a sleeping boy in case of mistaken identity

A Texas family headed by a single dad is grief-stricken after an act of violence claimed the life of an 11-year-old sleeping peacefully in his home. It was a drive-by shooting that was not random, but the family was innocent of any wrongdoing. According to police, the gunmen were after the previous occupants in the […]

Innocent bystanders: How loved ones are affected outside prison walls

Prison B.R.E.A.K. is an acronym for Building Relationships Empowerment and Knowledge Often when I see an older woman in a store with multiple younger children or a man in his late 60s standing outside waiting on a school bus, so many different scenarios cloud my mind as to why. Is the parent working? Did they […]

Single dad Robert Shakhan talks spiritual growth and bonding with his daughter

“I raised my baby girl alone,” shares Robert Shakhan, recovery coach for Detroit Recovery Projec, Inc. “I began raising my daughter solo when she was 10 years old. Having been estranged from her mother for several years and always participating in her life, I wanted to be the responsible parent to care for and nurture her […]

Single dad Dr. Torrance Stephens on raising a pre-teen girl

Why did you decide to rear your daughter alone? It’s not like buying a car. It wasn’t a decision. I’m her father. It is what defines manhood. It is a joy and responsibility that men take on. How have you coached your child about life? Well, we go to the library everyday. I talk to her […]