Massive spending bill passed to keep government open

With all the distractions with the recent protests this week, many Americans missed the passage of a huge spending bill. The bill was literally passed in the dark hours of the night with little fanfare but a lot of controversy. The new bill has been nicknamed the cromnibus spending bill because it is a combination […]

Kanye and Kim Kardashian spend $750K on golden toilets for their mansion?

The hip-hop superstar and his reality TV baby’s mother Kim Kardashian have been sparing no expense as they furnish the $11 million mansion in Bel Air that they are planning to move into with their new baby daughter, North West. According to various reports, Yeezy and Kimmy K. have dished out $750,000 to make sure their modest abode has the finest in bathroom accommodations–namely, gold-plated toilets.