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How celebrities spent the Easter holiday

Easter marks the true beginning of spring. This year, many celebrities shared how they enjoyed their holiday. From family time to Easter egg hunts, check

Top 10 worst cities for spring allergies

No matter where you live, it’s more than likely you are breathing pollen this time of year. It’s a simple truth about spring. Some cities

5 foods to help reduce spring allergies

Tired of pollen and other allergens that are keeping you from living your best life this spring? Suffering from allergies in the spring can be a

3 peachy drinks to kick off spring

Spring is finally here.  Being a Georgia resident, I have adapted to the peach movement.  If you’re into quenching your thirst with something that is

Best spring nail polish colors

Spring is here! Next time you’re getting a manicure, skip neutrals and try one of these fresh and flattering shades. Bond with Whomever by Essie 

Spring and Summer 2012 Nail Trends

With the arrival of spring, it’s important to exfoliate that dry winter skin for healthy, moisturized hands, feet and nails. Rolling out had the pleasure

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