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How the ‘n-word with a cellphone’ became a nightmare for these racists

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Since the death of Eric Garner in 2014, the role of the cell phone has become critical for social justice in the United States. Garner was selling loose cigarettes on a street corner when NYPD Detective Daniel Pantaleo choked him to death. It spawned #ICantBreathe
America next saw the body of Michael Brown laying in the street for hours in Ferguson, Missouri, The image led to unrest in the city and sent shockwaves around the world with #HandsUpDontShoot. We later witnessed Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and others lose their lives with footage captured on cellphone video or police bodycam.

Now, in 2018, the cell phone is catching wanton acts of racism across the country in viral videos. It is reminiscent of the scene in the hit comedy movie Beverly Hills Cop, where Eddie Murphy’s character announces to a roomful of racists “I’m your worst nightmare, an n-word with a badge.”

Here are just a few examples of how a cell phone has become a nightmare for racists in 2018:

Lying racist tries to get Black family arrested for having a barbecue

How the 'n-word with a cellphone' became a nightmare for these racists
Racist woman calls the police and lies on a Black family in Oakland over a BBQ (Image Source: youtube Screenshot)

If you have been wondering whether there is an increase in racist White people antagonizing peaceful Black people, wonder no more, it is true. The latest incident comes from Oakland, California, where a White woman tells a Black family that she is on the phone with the police because their charcoal barbecue grill was illegal in the park.   Read Story

Georgia racist called Black man N-word so he could legally murder him (video)

How the 'n-word with a cellphone' became a nightmare for these racists
Erick DeKeyser, 49, arrested after he hurled insults and said he wanted to legally murder a Black man (Image Source: Facebook/Terrence Stover)

The situation occurred in the city of Johns Creek, Georgia, about 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Terrance Stover noticed that a car was tailgating him and driving aggressively. The White driver of the vehicle drove up to the side of Stover’s car, stuck out his middle finger, cursed and threw an object towards his car with no provocation. Stover became concerned and drove into a public shopping center and was confronted by the driver, identified as Erik DeKeyser, 49.  Read Story

Racist granny thug Judy Tucker and bigot son target of social media justice

How the 'n-word with a cellphone' became a nightmare for these racists
Judy Tucker, racist woman charged with assaulting an active duty US Army officer and her pregnant fellow soldier (Image Source: Bibb County Sheriff’s Office)

When Judy Tucker decided it was acceptable to put her hands on a Black US Army officer, she became an object of national scorn. The behavior of the Macon grandmother and her adult son and daughter at a restaurant in Macon, Georgia, was caught on cellphone video and led to her arrest for assault. Read Story

Racist employee fired after denying Black couple money order in St. Louis

How the 'n-word with a cellphone' became a nightmare for these racists
Travis Donahue (Image Source: Facebook/Kellen Hill)

The latest tale comes from Kellen Hill and the folks at Schnucks Concord Village, a supermarket chain in St. Louis, Missouri. Hill had given his girlfriend $1,100 to get a money order to pay rent. However, store employee Travis Donahue decided that a Black person with that much money was attempting fraud and refused the transaction.  Read Story

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