Jay Z copyright infringement battle comes to big conclusion

It appears that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams won’t be the only artists coughing up payments for borrowing from another artist’s work in the coming days. According to the Daily Mail, Jay Z recently settled an 18-month copyright infringement battle with Swiss jazz composer Bruno Spoerri, who claimed that Hov’s song “Versus,” from his 2013 […]

New proof Beyoncé and Jay Z may be headed for divorce?

Suffice to say that the majority of us don’t want to believe the rampant rumors of a looming divorce for Beyoncé and Jay Z after the On The Run tour ends, but boy do we keep getting small and subtle indicators that there may be some truth to the rumblings. The latest fuel to the fire […]

Richard Pryor Jr. has changed his mind about Nick Cannon portraying his father

The competition to portray the legendary Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic has just undergone another plot twist. Originally slammed by the Pryor family in his quests to win the coveted role, Nick Cannon has managed to change the mind of at least one of Pryor’s kids. Richard Pryor Jr. has reconsidered his previous stance and […]

Kelly Rowland Joins U.K.’s ‘The X Factor’ as Judge

Kelly Rowland is on the rise with a new No. 1 single on her hands and an album on the way. Adding to her growing buzz, the former Destiny’s Child singer has now been tapped to replace British pop star Cheryl Cole as the new judge on the U.K. version of the singing competition “The […]