Director and Actor Andre Jenkins Talks Career, Idols and Guilty Pleasure

Full given name: Andre Jenkins Current project: Torn as an actor and Crossroads as a director, 11Eleven11 Project films. Where you were born and raised: Baltimore and Atlanta Zodiac sign: Gemini Why did you take the role in Torn? The opportunity to be a part of a movie production in any way, how could I […]

Teen Movie Producer Leah Johnson: From Small Town to Big Screen

Full given name: Leah Monet Johnson Current project: I am working on Torn as a producer, and also being the actress, model, singer [and] writer that I am, I am creating opportunities for myself. I believe in this quote from my mentor, Mel Jackson, “Create, don’t wait.” I am also in the process of preparing for […]

Teen Writer Amber Ponder’s Movie, ‘Torn,’ Headed to the Silver Screen

Full given name: My full name is Amber Nicole Williams Ponder and I am 14-years-old. Current project:  I am the writer for the short film Torn, written for the 11 Eleven11 Project. What drew you to this project? What drew me to writing this project was I found the thought of expressing an idea through […]

Actor Benjamin Welch Wants to Touch Your Heart

Full given name: Benjamin James Welch Current Project: Studio 11 Films’ Torn, an 11 Eleven 11 Project, Shooting latest escapade of Angry Poets. The crazy rag tag band of bizarre misfits are baaaaaack. Shout out to Rage Lopez, Obadiah, and the rest of the crew. I am also involved in a documentary following a dope acting […]

Director Adam Alexander Steps Outside His Comfort Zone to Pursue His Dreams

Full given name: Adam Michael Alexander Current Project: Torn, an 11 Eleven 11 Project, Studio 11 Films What drew you to this project? At first, I liked the story but didn’t really think it was something I would do. It was really a couple steps outside of my comfort zone and I didn’t know how […]