Tracy McGrady creating a 1-on-1 basketball league

NBA player

We’ve seen basketball being played in a variety of formats. The NBA is the most common, and then you have the G-League, which is considered a developmental league for many. Ice Cube created the “Big3” league, which is a 3-on-3 league that consists of former NBA players. Now, Tracy McGrady is working on a plan […]

An emotional Tracy McGrady recalls the time Kobe said, ‘I want to die young’

Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady were once the NBA’s two most dominant and feared scorers. McGrady’s connection to Bryant is one he feels was different and perhaps deeper than any other player Kobe lined up with or against. That’s because when McGrady made the jump to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, he spent a summer at […]

NBA fathers on Father’s Day

NBA players over the years have developed a reputation of free-spirited, baby-making renegades. Most of them, as more enlightened minds know, are loving fathers and husbands whom have provided for their families while juggling the responsibilities and pressures that come with being professional athletes and high-profile celebrities. In recognition of Fathers Day, we compiled a […]

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the fathers of the NBA Finals 2013

The players of the Miami Heat an San Antonio Spurs may have single-minded etermination trying to win the 2013 NBA Finals, but that doesn’t mean they get to take the ay off from fatherhood. In fact, many of the players are probably leaning on their children’s unqualified love for support an comfort and a diversion […]

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