Solange Knowles’ world travels on Instagram

Solange has inspired many of us to get our passports and see what’s on the other side of our borders. Leaving Houston to reside in cool cities and states around the U.S., Knowles emerged from her sister’s shadows to become a well traveled mother and artist, influencing fans and followers with her retro style and artistic photos. We couldn’t […]

5 best places to photograph for Memorial Day

Let’s engage in a bit of hypothetical scenarios, shall well? As we lounge around and enjoy this Memorial Day holiday, let’s suppose that we could fly to anywhere around the world to engage in a round of leisure photography. Where would we go? What would we photograph? While I give you some time to mull […]

Best Instagram photos of Paris

Paris, France: who doesn’t want to go there at least once in their lifetime? We would all love to hop on a plane and fly to one of the most romantic cities in the world. Between fashion week and the Eiffel Tower, Paris is a destination most people would enjoy. For those that that might […]

Breathtaking travel photos of Dubai

Imagine scrolling down your Instagram feed, coming across an image so breathtaking you want to book a flight now?  That is what this image of Dubai did for me. Dubai is the most populous of the seven emirates comprising United Arab Emirates. Many celebrities go there to vacation, like Will Smith and Maxwell whom were both recently there […]